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Is Corflute the best material for signs?

Looking for business signage? Corflute is an economical and lightweight material perfect for signs. But is this the best solution for your need? We’ll weigh up its unique features against other common sign materials to make sure you get a sign that’s just right for you!

Qualities of Corflute Signs

These signs have several benefits, including:

  • Affordability: Make your dollar go further Get noticed – with a Printed Banner that won’t break the bank! Unbeatable quality and unbeatable price don’t miss out on this incredible offer! Make it your #1 choice when you’re looking to save cash in your business sign needs.
  • Lightweight and easy to install: Refresh your outdoor area with ease- these are lightweight and a breeze to set up, perfect for adding a bit of pizzazz to any walls or stands!
  • Customizable: Promote your business in style with these signs! Endless design and colour choices allow you to customize the perfect look.
Corflute Vs other sign materials

Weigh your options – and get the most out of your business signage!

  • ACM Signs: Behold ACM – the ultimate superhero of materials! With its powerful combination of aluminium sheets and sturdy polyethylene core, it’s the ultimate ally for all your outdoor adventures. No need to worry about warping, cracking, or peeling – this indestructible force has you covered with its unbreakable strength.
  • Wood Sign: Add a touch of timelessness to your space with natural wood signs – crafted to perfection and effortless to preserve!
  • Acrylic Sign: Transform your outdoor area with dazzling acrylic signs! Check out our stunning custom designs, boasting smooth sophistication and unbeatable longevity—perfect for any season!
Got questions? Let us know! Dive in and discover the secrets of these FAQs
  • What is the longevity of Corflute signs?

Make a long-term impression- your design will stay vibrant and beautiful for years, whatever the weather!

  • Which material will make your outdoor signs stand out?

Make a statement and put your message in the spotlight – our ACM and acrylic signs are built to last, no matter what!

  • Are Corflute signs waterproof?

Corflute signage printing are the unstoppable defenders of your message – rain, wind or even sunlight won’t be able to dull their shine! With a bit of extra love and care, they’ll keep your brand looking fresh for ages.

Alternative materials to Corflute signs

Make a statement with Corflute signage printing – durable, versatile, and cost-effective – but that’s not all! Discover even more alternatives when it comes to signage. Other options for signage include:

  • Acrylic Signs: Acrylic signs offer a higher level of durability and greater resistance to adverse weather conditions. Corflute signage printing are cheaper.
  • Aluminum Signs: If you’re looking for signs that will stay strong for years, aluminum is the way to go! Say goodbye to worries about weather, fading and general wear & tear – your sign can stand the test of time.
  • PVC: Durability and affordability come together to make PVC signs the perfect cost-effective choice! These are more suitable for indoor use.

Get your message noticed and make it pop with the right material! Investing in quality signage pays off. Don’t miss out on the details: budget, location, duration—it all matters.

Got something to say? Let Corflute signage printing do the talking – a cost-effective and versatile way to share your message. Make a lasting impression and show off your unique creativity with custom signs, crafted to withstand any weather! Signs made from these materials, when cared for and maintained correctly, offer a reliable solution that can stand up to the test of time. These signs are widely used by businesses in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand. When selecting signage materials, factors such as budget, display location and longevity should be taken into consideration. Corflute signs offer a good balance between cost and practicality. Learn the secrets to designing pull-up banners that will draw in your target audience!

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