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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the screen printing process achieve that digital doesn’t?

Spot colour, vibrancy, and cosmetic finish are superior to digital printing.

What is the advantage of Wide Format Digital Printing?

The advantage of wide format digital printing is that it is cost effective for smaller print runs and there are no printing plates required, This makes the pre press costs low. Another advantage is that we can colour match jobs on the spot straight from the file supplied, This makes the print process more time efficient.

Can you print a UV resistant colour?

UV resistant screen ink pigments are very well regarded in the print industry as having the highest level of UV tolerance. Screen Printing also has the ability to layer a UV filter clear ink over the finished print this increases the outdoor life of the print.

What is the minimum quantity to make screen printing worthwhile?

There is a cut-off point where the lower numbers of prints required may reach a point where the screen may be too expensive. This is something that we would advise the client of.

Can you create high resolution quality?

This is something that we pride ourselves on replicating from the file supplied to a completed product. The client will easily see the impressive quality, and reproduction of the proof in both colour and detail.

Is screen printing better for single colour or multi-colour?

Screen Printing is a multi-functional process that can cater to a wide spectrum of printing requests. So 1, 2, 3, or 4 colours are not really the issue at all. More times than not it will always come down to price and delivery time frames.

Do you print business cards?

This is not something that we produce ourselves However, we do print special High Build Spot Gloss ”onto business cards to enhance the cards finish for other digital and offset printers that do not have screen printing facilities.

Do you print self adhesive labels?

Yes, we do. Large or small volumes - this is an area that we specialise in. We use pressure-sensitive substrates such as vinyl adhesive, electrostatic, and Octopus Cling Products.

What is over gloss and where would I use it?

Over gloss is generally used to enhance a print to give it a gloss finish that will also lift the colour by at least 15%. We also have a gloss product that is used to create a white Board for such purposes as staff notice boards or Production boards or even on calendars.

Can you print art on canvas?

Yes, we can. We have been doing oil painting and watercolour art reproductions for some time now. This is a specialist area that does take a lot of time and effort where we are working very closely with the artist or client to get the right colour values and detail.

How quickly can you turn around a job?

We have been known to do the same-day service but this of course is dependent on the job involved. We do often undertake urgent and seemingly impossible time frames.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any further enquiries please get in touch!