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corrugated packaging

Packaging is a crucial element in the marketing of products. If you have a business which sells physical products, whether on a smaller scale, like a homemade pottery business, or something much larger with hundreds of products in your catalogue, you likely already know what good packaging can do for your brand value.

We can print corrugated packaging boxes like hinge lid boxes, spot colour printed boxes and special embellishment boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your business needs. With accurate colour reproduction and finishing, we can make sure that these packaging boxes elevate your brand when it reaches your customer.

Southan Print is an NZ-owned printing company that helps fellow Kiwi businesses in and around Auckland grow and prosper with exceptional printed materials. Our state of the art printers can produce packaging as well as a wide array of other products, in small quantities and large, depending on your business requirements. Check out all our services today and get in touch with us.

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