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Custom Paper Bag Printing in Auckland

Paper bags

If you run a hospitality or retail brand, paper bags are crucial for day to day business. As the world moves away from plastic bags, businesses are adopting (or rather re-adopting) the more sustainable paper bags. Plus they often act as a walking advertisement for your brand. This is why whether it is a small takeaway restaurant or a boutique clothing brand, your business can boost its brand value with custom printed paper bags.

We undertake printing of branded paper bags for a variety of requirements and sizes. This includes single or double sided printing, alternative colours for the paper used, spot colour printing, and more. Our screen printing process ensures accurate colour reproduction on paper and a great finish, ensuring your brand looks good wherever it goes.

Southan Print is an NZ-owned printing company that helps fellow Kiwi businesses in and around Auckland grow and prosper with quality printed materials. Our latest screen printers can produce products like paper bags, corrugated packaging and more, in small lots and large, depending on your business requirements. Get in touch with us today.

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